Social Media ROI

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You have in your hands a text book if you study it, you will increase your odds of success in all social networks. A MUST have on your book shelf.
-Owen Greaves

Sparkplug Digital Review
This is a great read for those looking for answers and clarity on the topic. Social Media ROI lives up to high expectations and is as thorough, if not more, than any other book on the topic.
-Jason mKey

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The book is a good roadmap for companies and practitioners looking to institutionalizing social media within their company.
-Jeff Esposito

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Blanchard is fearless. He is trying to address the key question being asked by many in marketing, public relations and the media, and he does so with clarity and without dodging the complexity. The book is refreshingly straightforward in determining what a meaningful ROI should be, and realistic in how to attain returns.
-Ian Bruce

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I will be using this book as a guide as I have been using Olivier's Blog for quite some time as one of my main sources when I want to get a point across with clients. Olivier answers one of the most important questions many people and clients ask, "What do we do if someone says something negative about us online". He also addresses many questions I have gotten from clients with a practical solution and detailed guidelines on the options you have.
-Raul Colon

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Despite the book's title, Social Media ROI isn't all about measuring ROI. In fact, the majority of the book is about developing a social media program, integrating social media, and then managing a social media program. The last section of the book is about metrics and ROI in particular. It's well-written and thoughtful. What the book does offer is some unique and even poetic approaches to thinking about various aspects of social media.
-Ric Dragon


I love your new book on Social ROI. It is like the opposite of Social Media for dummies.

Highly recommended book!!!Social Media ROI: Managing and Measuring Social Media Efforts in Your Organization

Have you read Olivier's book?


From Amazon
Olivier's book is essential reading for anyone who seeks to use social media to accomplish business objectives. To get the most value from the book, buy it, read it, mark it up and then tap into the power of social media for yourself and see the value of all this new stuff by connecting with Olivier on Twitter and by commenting on his blog. When you do, you'll be taking your own professional development up a notch and you'll feel like you've earned your MBA in marketing. It's a good feeling.
- Trey Pennington

Olivier really gets ROI in all areas of business. If you are a business owner, small or large, then you need to read this book. It's not about Social Media only, but how businesses apply the basics of ROI to their Plans. Read, implement and grow your business today with this information. Olivier does a great job in keeping it easy to read, and understand at most any education or experience level.
- Dean Holmes

For anyone serious about getting into the utilization of Social Media for business this is THE book to read.
- Manfred Gollent

I found the full worth of the book's money in its last chapter - where the author provides some concreteness to the hitherto illusive idea of return on investment for social media. This is a very impressive chapter and brings a lot of clarity to the subject.
- K. Azam

If you use or are planning on using social media for a business or organization, this book is essential. It's a roadmap for developing, implementing, measuring and monitoring your social media efforts.
- Swellride

"Social Media ROI" scores high on providing good actionable content and information for anyone who is trying to build a social media program. It is a one stop shop. You get information on how to evaluate your organization's current social media abilities. You learn how to sell this program to others in your company. You'll even learn about the metrics you should follow and how to create a good reporting system.
- L. Severson

Measuring ROI is usually at the snakeoil-iest of all of Social Media measurement. The gurus have ALL got some way to do it. But if you want straightforward, no nonsense ideas on where to start, what to judge, and how you REALLY know if you are moving the needle, this is a book I recommend you consider. It's one of the easiest reads I've seen in business books, with useful takeaways every chapter.
-Jeff Jacobs